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Preparing for a move next month? Take these steps to ensure a smooth process

Moving day is a few weeks away, and while you plan to pack things here-and-there over the next few weekends, you’re not quite ready to be living out of boxes. That doesn’t mean there aren’t things to do to prepare for the move, however. Here are some of the best tips to make for a smooth move day:

  1. Take inventory of everything you own:
    Decide what items you want to keep and get rid of things you don’t want. You can have a garage sale or donate to a local charity. If you don’t want that old couch, (especially if it won’t fit in your new place) you can put it on OfferUp or Craigslist!
  2. Don’t forget about your storage unit:
    If you have on-site storage, remember to include this in your inventory. If you have storage off-site, it might be worth a quick trip to the unit to take stock of what you have.
  3. Do you need to reserve elevators for you move?
    This can be the difference between a quick-and-easy move and a much longer process. Ask your building manager about elevator reservations several weeks in advance of moving day, as time slots can go quickly. Always shoot for an early time reservation for the move-out portion.
  4. Do you need to reserve a parking space for the truck?
    Check with the city about guidelines for reserved parking spaces. Seattle guidelines can be found at https://www.seattle.gov/transportation/permits-and-services/permits/parking-permits/temporary-no-parking-permits. Give enough lead time for the no-parking easels to be set up.

Check out our moving guide for more tips and tricks, and feel free to call us for advise. We’re open seven days a week!

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