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Labor-Only Movers

Professional moving services can take your D.I.Y. move to the next labor. That’s where labor-only moving services from Eco Movers come in. We offer everything you could need and we do it with great customer service and the top, fully-trained professionals.

Eco Movers is the best option for labor-only moving services in the Seattle-Tacoma area. We offer everything you could need with the best of the best crew. These services include:

  • Loading and Unloading
  • In-Home Moving and Apartment Unit Transfers
  • Home Decluttering

Here are a few reasons why you can trust Eco Movers as your labor-only movers:

Give us a call at (206) 971-6895 if you have any questions or, if you’re curious about pricing, request your free estimate today.

Our Labor-Only Moving Services

With Eco Movers, you get labor-only services that perfectly match your moving needs, no matter what they may be. These include:

  • One of the most difficult parts of moving is Loading and Unloading. You can get the truck, pack up all your items, but moving something heavy is not only hard but dangerous as well. Leave this to the professionals with Eco Movers.
  • We can handle moving that doesn’t involve a truck. This could be anything from In-Home Moving to Apartment Unit Transfers.
  • If you’re selling or remodeling your home, or just looking to get rid of some junk, our Home Decluttering services are the perfect match. This works great with our warehouse storage.

Looking for something that isn’t on the list? Be sure to contact us and see if we have something that fits what you’re looking for. Get the best with Eco Movers.

Benefits of Using Labor-Only Movers

There are a few perks that come with using labor-only movers, as opposed to handling everything yourself or using a full-service move. These include:

  • Cost: This can be a way to save some money by handling certain aspects of the move yourself as opposed to having a moving company do everything, though you do lose out on some convenience.
  • Flexibility: The more that your move entails, the more difficult it will be to secure a date and time to make it happen. Using labor-only services simplifies this.
  • Safety: Moving heavy objects yourself can easily result in injury. Avoid this by trusting trained professionals.

We encourage you to do plenty of research to decide whether labor-only moving services, a full-service move, or a complete D.I.Y. move is the best fit for what you need.

Get Your Labor-Only Estimate Today

Choose Eco Movers as your labor-only movers so that you can be confident in what you’re getting knowing that we are A+ rated by the BBB, fully licensed (HG #063849), and fully insured (General Liability/Workman’s Comp).

Make deciding on your labor-only movers by getting at least 3 moving estimates. Request yours from Eco Movers today by filling out this online form. For any questions, we encourage you to reach out to us at (206) 971-6895.

Our partners

Eco Movers is proud to partner with local community organizations and serve as the preferred movers for prominent residential communities in the area. Our commitment extends beyond moving - it's about building strong community ties and delivering reliable service.

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