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Seattle Moving Packing Tips

We have handled moves across the Seattle-Tacoma-Eastside area since our start in 2009. During that time, we have seen exactly what is necessary for a safe and secure move. We have used that knowledge to put together this blog detailing exactly how you can pack with the safety of your items in mind, as well as your environmental impact. 

Types of Moving Boxes

There are a number of moving box options out there. Choosing the right boxes can have a dramatic impact on your move, including whether or not your items make it there safe and what your environmental impact is. To help keep your move Green, we offer rentable moving totes to cut back on waste. Not only does this reduce your carbon footprint, but it’s also a convenient and secure packing option.

If you do want to get some cardboard boxes alongside your rentable moving totes, be sure to consider the size and type of box. Getting the right fit will minimize the chances of damage.

Standard Sizes for Cardboard Moving Boxes

  • Extra Large Boxes, 24” x 20” x 24”
  • Large Boxes, 18” x 18” 24”
  • Medium Boxes, 18” x 16” x 18”
  • Small Boxes, 16” x 12” x 12”

Types of Specialty Moving Boxes

  • Dish Pack
  • Made-to-Order Crates 
  • Mirror Carton
  • TV Boxes
  • Wardrobe Carton

Keep in mind that, with cardboard boxes, larger boxes are not stronger than smaller boxes. Due to the surface area of the bottom of the box, larger boxes are meant for items that don’t weigh much but take up lots of space, such as blankets and pillows.

Eco-Friendly Packing Tips

Moving can be wasteful, especially with packing. Too many packing supplies are single-use. To help lower your carbon footprint while packing, be sure to follow these Green packing tips: 

  1. Use reusable moving totes. Our reusable moving totes are a great option for any move! We even pick them up and drop them off to you before and after your move.
  2. Use clothes and linens to wrap items. This allows you to use things you already own instead of purchasing new products that you throw away after your move.
  3. Find biodegradable supplies. Especially look for replacements for any styrofoam. 
  4. Plan your packing in advance by decluttering. Selling or donating items you don’t want will reduce the size of your move and how much packing supplies you need. 

We all have to do our part and being as environmentally friendly as possible while packing is important. Here at Eco Movers, our goal is to cut down on the negative impact that moving has on Seattle as well as the Earth. We encourage you to make conscious choices. 

Tips on Packing China for Moving

Glassware and china are incredibly fragile, not to mention valuable. This can lead to a lot of stress during the packing process, but that stress will melt away if you pack correctly. By using packing tips from the experts, you can rest assured that your china is secure. 

You can fit glassware perfectly in dish packs or reusable totes. The trick is to place your large, flat dishes on the bottom, putting plenty of cushioning on both sides and individually wrapping each of them. You will be able to use this as a base that you can then stack more dishes on safely. 

Once that base is set, you can pack the rest of the dishware on top. Here are tips on packing each type of glassware: 

  • Wrap your plates individually and then wrap them together as a whole bundle. We would typically suggest four per bundle. 
  • Bowls can be packed in the same way as plates. However, use one less bowl per bundle, since they’re a bit more difficult to stack.
  • For drinkware, such as glasses and mugs, wrap them individually before packing. 
  • Wine glasses are unique, and should not be packed like the rest of your drinkware. You will want to be careful of their delicate stem. To accommodate this, wrap the area with folded paper and then wrap the entire glass. 

This is how you pack the more common items, but how do you approach the more delicate pieces of china? For these types of pieces, we suggest wrapping each one in clean paper and generously padding them with even more paper. Then, wrap all of this up in newspaper, which you can place in your reusable tote or dish pack along with your other pieces of glassware, or you can use a separate box for extra security. 

Packing a Painting for a Move Tips

There are many ways to properly pack a painting because paintings themselves come in many forms. Whether or not the painting is framed or not, has a glass panel, and the medium all have an effect on how to pack the artwork properly.

For paintings that are too big for our reusable totes, you will want to look for a mirror carton. Aim for a box that is roughly 3-4 inches bigger on each side than the painting to give you enough room for proper padding. 

When packing framed paintings, protect the corners using cardboard corner protectors. Be sure to put these on after you wrap up your painting, not before. 

For famed pieces that have glass covers, you will want to secure the glass in addition to protecting the corners. You can do so by putting an “X” shape using packing tape over the entire glass cover. This will make sure that glass doesn’t go everywhere in the case of damage. 

If your painting does not have a glass cover, make sure to wrap up your painting completely to prevent friction prints. 

For oil paintings, you have to keep in mind that oil and paper do not mix well. Newspaper is common packing material, but make sure that you keep your oil paintings away from this, or else you could cause serious damage to your painting. Due to the high humidity in Seattle be sure to store in climate-controlled storage.

For any artwork that isn’t an oil painting, put wadded-up newspaper in your mirror carton before putting in the painting and then pad the entire thing with bubble wrap.

Packing Help from Eco Movers

Our biggest tip is simply letting the pros take care of it. We offer Packing Services featuring our expertly trained crew. We ensure that all of your items are properly secure and ready to move at your convenience. You can even get unpacking services for a hands free move. Get your Free Estimate today!

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