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Eco Movers offers all sorts of services you might need while moving home. Packing and crating is just one of them – but it is quite important for the overall moving process, given that it influences the safety of your belongings along the way. Everything we do we are trying to be the best at it. Our packing services are among the best you’ll find in Seattle WA. Having in mind how important it is to our customers, we offer several options for packing services to choose from.

Why hire professional movers and packers?

This may come as a surprise, but the No. 1 reason clients hire Eco Movers to pack a home, apartment or business is efficiency.

Eco Movers can safely pack most homes in a single day and move the next day, meaning your items are only in boxes for two days — not ten! Our expert packing crews also provide the best possible protection for your items, including top-quality pads for furniture and special considerations for electronics, dishes and other fragile belongings.

We typically prefer to use our reusable Eco Boxes for packing, which saves the environment and often saves our clients hundreds of dollars on cardboard packing materials. For clients going into storage or moving long-distance, we also offer conventional packing supplies.

Eco Movers and Packers – Our process

Whether we’re packing a house or an apartment, the scope of the pack is almost always determined by the size of the kitchen. We have a specific packing protocol, customized to your home, that includes everything we’ll need to prep your home for moving day. If you get a quote for packing services from us, that quote will include estimated time and estimated packing materials.

Once we’ve finished packing the home, we’ll do our best to ensure the boxes and other items are organized to make moving day as smooth as possible. Any non-essential furniture (beds you won’t sleep on, for example) can be disassembled on packing day.

Things to remember

If we use fewer packing supplies than anticipated, you’ll only be charged for the boxes or Eco Boxes we use. And if you need extra time to unpack those Eco Boxes, no problem, give us a call to discuss options.

For nearly all pack-and-moves, we highly recommend splitting the project into two days. This keeps things streamlined, both for our clients and for the crews. For homes larger than 2,500 square feet, difficult access or items of extraordinary value we recommend having your home evaluated by one of our representatives before giving an estimate.

Packing yourself? Take a look through our comprehensive moving guide, which includes a section of packing tips from the pros.

For all local services, including our movers and packers, there’s no extra charge for stairs, elevators, distance to the truck or container, additional items or any other physical factors. We charge only for time, not the physical complexity of your moving environment.

Eco Movers would be nothing without our thousands of happy customers, who return year after year and confidently refer friends and neighbors. We believe in the timeless notion that the customer is always right, and we will do everything in our power to please you and remove the stress involved in moving. When you move with Eco Movers, you can rest assured that you will be provided with the most professional service and your move will be performed in an efficient, timely manner with the utmost of care from our staff members.

Our partners

Eco Movers is proud to partner with local community organizations and serve as the preferred movers for prominent residential communities in the area. Our commitment extends beyond moving - it's about building strong community ties and delivering reliable service.

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