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6 Things You Should NEVER Pack When Moving

At Eco Movers, we love moving so much, we’re not sure who’s more excited- us or you- about your next move. While you’re likely eager to get a head start on all the packing that needs to get done, it’s important to take a step back to collect your thoughts and strategize. What you don’t pack is just as important as what you do- here’s our top 6 things to never pack away when making a move from A to B:


This goes for both human medications and those for your furry friends: don’t pack away the medications you’ll need while in route to your new home. In fact, it’s a good idea to keep it all with you in the car where it is easily accessible since you never know how long it can take to sort through the boxes once you’ve arrived.

We recommend always having one month’s worth of medications available at all times and transferring your prescriptions to a new pharmacy prior to making the move.


Did you know that some states don’t even allow plants or flowers to be transported across state lines? That little known fact is one of the reasons movers won’t allow them on board, so you’ll have to take them with you in your own personal vehicle. It’s all for the best though- you wouldn’t want to be holed up in a dark space when you’re accustomed to light and water, would you? We didn’t think so!


We always recommend taking valuables with you in your own vehicle while moving, including: keepsakes, important documents, jewelry and money. Not only will you likely feel more at ease knowing where they are, you never know when you’ll need to access additional money or documents throughout the process.

Explosives/ Weapons/ Flammables

Some of you are probably shaking your heads for even needing to explain this one, but in our book, it’s better safe than sorry. Never should you try to box and transport guns, fireworks, gasoline, or other toxic substances for a move. Not only are they incredibly dangerous- especially when packed together- but also you never know who will be opening the box first upon arrival. Should you have these items in the first place, they should always be properly discarded or protected during your move. Check state or local regulations for more details.


We understand wanting to save money by not having to replenish your fridge or pantry, but honestly, the perishables in your kitchen are the one thing we suggest not keeping during the move- but don’t throw them out either. Instead, pack them up and send them to a local charity or food bank that no doubt could use the items and will appreciate your donation.

Activity/ Comfort Items

Finally, this is our favorite secret to help make the “day of” effortless and smooth from start to finish: don’t pack away any items your family (or pets) will need to keep them comfortable or entertained while moving. These items include: children’s coloring books, handheld gaming systems, children’s blankets or favorite animal, cell phones and chargers, and for your pets: their bowls, favorite chew toy and leash. Without these “creature comforts” you could easily find yourself with restless children during the drive or a pet that needs to be walked, but has no leash.

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