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6 Things to Keep In Mind When Choosing a Moving Company

While you may think that packing and moving is easy enough to do yourself, we suggest leaving it to the pros. With everything else that goes into making a move successful, the last thing you should be worried about is wrapping, packing, loading and delivering your possessions from A to B. At Eco Movers we’re all about helping you make the best decisions for your next move, so here are 6 tips to help you choose the moving company perfect for you.

Do Your Homework

So what if you’ve driven past the same moving sign for 10 years- it doesn’t mean they’re worthy of your business. Instead of signing with the first company that comes to mind- unless it’s from an incredible previous experience, of course- take the time to look into multiple companies.

Remember, these are the people that will be handling your most prized belongings, so it’s incredibly important to find the best of the best. Ask around, get referrals from friends and family and always come to the table with more than one option.

Consider Their Reputation

Once you’ve settled on the last 2 or 3 contenders, make a point to dig into their reputations and read online reviews. With the scope of social media today, we always recommend taking everything with a grain of salt, however if the reviews are mostly good or mostly bad, you can likely tell if the company is for you or not.

Ask Questions

If you have questions, then ask away- any moving company worth hiring will be more than happy to take the time to answer any and all questions you may have. This is especially important prior to hiring the company to ensure you understand their policies and frankly, who they are as a company.

Get a Written Quote

Sometimes this helps to do while still narrowing down your choices, but no matter when you decide to tackle this step, just ensure that you fill out your inventory to the best of your ability to get the most accurate quote possible. 

Most reputable companies will insist on getting an inventory of goods to transport so there aren’t any discrepancies or misunderstandings along the way. At Eco Movers, we provide you with your own customer portal so you can add your inventory from your desktop or mobile phone. 

Read the Fine Print

Extra fees? Miscellaneous expenses? No thank you! While you may be a naturally trusting person- and we love that about you- we suggest taking a moment to read over every page of fine print before setting the contract in stone.

Make A List, Check It Twice

Finally, as you organize your belongings, take some time to build an inventory checklist; ultimately, this will help you in more ways than one. First it will help to know what you have, which box it’s in and if it is fragile or not. Secondly, you can use this inventory list to review with the movers on the big day during both the loading and unloading process. This can help to ensure nothing gets lost or forgotten, and in the event of a broken item, it will be easier to address the situation.

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