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Tips on Moving from Seattle to Sacramento

Moving across state lines can be a complex transition. Without the right experience behind you, the process can be confusing and difficult.

We put together this guest blog post to help make your move to Sacramento easier. As the owner of a moving company that has been trusted in the Sacramento area since 1996, we understand what it takes to make this move. By reading through this blog, you get to benefit from that experience and put that knowledge toward your own move.

1. Read Online Reviews When Deciding on a Mover

Deciding on which moving company to go with can be one of the most challenging parts of a move. There are so many moving companies doing anything for your attention. By looking in the right areas, the choice becomes easier to make.

We suggest not only listening to what the moving companies say, but what past customers say. If you don’t have any recommendations from people you know, it’s smart to look at online reviews. While individual reviews may not be the most trustworthy, overall scores, the number of reviews, and how consistent their reviews are is a great look into how the company treats their customers.

2. Check Your Mover’s Licenses and Insurance

Having the right licenses and insurance is key. Never move with a moving company that doesn’t have these readily available. For long-distance moves, you will want to find their USDOT number. This is typically available at the bottom of the moving company’s website.

For insurance, be sure to ask if they have general liability and workers comp.

3. Consider Box Sizes When Packing

A common mistake when moving is to get large boxes to pack a larger number of items. While the logic that fewer moving boxes makes the move easier seems like it makes sense, the truth is that boxes are fragile. The bigger the box, the less surface tension at the bottom. That means that larger boxes typically can hold less weight than smaller boxes. Use these for light items that take up a lot of space, like winter coats and blankets.

4. Use Specialty Moving Boxes Wherever Applicable

Packing properly is vital to keeping your items secure. That is why you should use specialty moving boxes whenever possible. That means using wardrobe boxes, dish packs, and more accordingly.

The trick is that these can be used for more than just the item they are built for. For example, a mirror carton is designed for mirrors but works perfectly for paintings. Consider all of your options and do your research to pack as securely as possible. Be sure not to hold back on cost when packing, as this can help you avoid paying for repair costs.

5. Declutter Early On in the Process

A great trick to streamlining your move is decluttering. This cuts down on the number of items that you need to be moved. This makes the process easier and will even save costs on your movers.

When decluttering, break down your items into three categories:

  1. Keep
  2. Sell/Donate
  3. Throw Away

This can take a little time, and affect your estimate when moving, so be sure to do this early on so that you can properly plan your move.

6. Think About the Differences Between Seattle and Sacramento

There are a number of differences between your current hometown and Sacramento that you should keep in mind when planning your move. Here are a few key points:

  • Home Costs: As you know, houses in Seattle are expensive, with a typical home value of over $980,000. This is compared to a typical home value of a bit over $517,000 in Sacramento, which is a lot closer to the national average. This means that, when moving to Sacramento, you can look toward getting a less expensive house, a bigger house at the same overall cost, or going from renting to owning.
  • Temperature: Consider cutting back on your winter clothing. The weather in Sacramento is hotter throughout the year than in Seattle. The average temperature is 13 degrees higher in Sacramento.
  • Nature: This is a bit of a drawback for nature lovers as there are fewer nature sites in the immediate area of Sacramento. However, you will be in range to take a quick trip to see many beautiful sites, so start planning what you’ll go see first.

By understanding these points, you can properly plan for your move.

7. Move During the Offseason Whenever Possible

In the moving industry, there is a busy season and an offseason. A lot more people try to move in the summer months. This is something that you can use to your advantage if you are in a position to decide your moving date. By moving in the winter months, you will find that moving companies are offering better rates and more flexible scheduling for your move.

Final Thoughts

The task of moving out of state can be daunting. That is, without getting the right tips from the experts. Our moving company in Sacramento has been trusted since 1996 for a reason. Look for that expertise as you research your move and become expertly prepared for your Seattle to Sacramento move.

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