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Moving tips: How to find cheap moving boxes

For many people, the weeks (or days, let’s be real) leading up to moving day are spent scrambling to get everything into boxes — wherever you can find them. Moving is already stressful enough, but with all the last-minute kitten-having, some things could certainly be done more efficiently.

Planning ahead is the best way to make the moving process easier, and much of that starts with the boxes you use! Here are some tips and tricks for how to save on cardboard:

1. Reusable boxes are cheaper than you think.

Earth-friendly moving boxes have been around for quite a while, but many consider them to be a high-priced luxury. Spoiler: Our reusable moving boxes are cheaper than cardboard! We’ve made our Eco-Boxes as accessible to our customers as possible as we ramp up our efforts to minimize cardboard use in the moving industry. If you’re doing a cost comparison, give us a call and we can get you a good estimate on the amount of boxes you’ll need.

2. Choose boxes designed for moving.

We’ve seen some creative customers over the years! Most pack using boxes purchased from a hardware store, but often we see boxes designed for uses other than moving. These boxes don’t have the strength to hold up when stacked in a truck, and can lead to damaged items. Good quality cardboard moving boxes can be used several times before they’re worn out, so even if you’re looking for used boxes, be picky.

Even better than used cardboard, reusable plastic boxes can be stacked easily without any danger of crushing items inside. They’re also a little bigger than your standard cardboard box, so you won’t need as many, and they nest into one another so packing and unpacking are a breeze.

3. Check to see if your movers have reusable wardrobes.

This is not only a way to save cardboard, but also a great way to save time. Each of our trucks is stocked with several reusable wardrobe boxes that allow customers to move hanging clothes without taking them off the hangars. Cardboard wardrobes are only used for a few hours and thrown away, whereas we’ve used our wardrobes to save thousands of cardboard boxes.

Reusable wardrobe boxes are also a way to skip out on bagging hanging clothes in garbage liners. It’s a trendy moving hack, but the bags have to be thrown away afterward and it never really works as well as Pinterest would make you believe.

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